The name was outdated and new relationships have been formed. Voltage Goat still has the same ridiculously sexy staff, but now under a new electrifying name. (:


We’ve been proudly serving the community for over a decade. By paying with Crypto, you will be supporting the Cryptonians and their retrospective pools for their hard proof of work. You will also be helping the poor chaps get back some of their money from their electricity bill. We currently accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payments on BTCPAY and we are proud to be official partners with several kick-ass groups of people. For more information on ratings && trust please visit the following links:


Should your moon not be met, let us know. But before you do, don’t forget about our epic Warranty that we offer! Some assembly may be required (don’t be skurred, its super ez mode).

In the super S.A.D 🙁 and unlikely event that you need to return your product, please review the following:

Return && Restocking Fee // Free
Return Packaging // Original
Return Period // 30 Days
Return Shipping // Customer is responsible
Condition // As shipped, original packaging is not damaged, no missing parts, must not be disassembled unless approved by support or RMA.
Refund // 14 working days after inspection via dirty FIAT.

PUH-LEEZE use shipping insurance to protect your goods, we are not responsible for any returns that are lost, damaged or rejected.

Provide tracking details for goods within’ 7 days of initiating.



We like to keep our peepz happy. Products set for pre-orders allow a customer to reserve and pay for an item that will ship out at a later date. Any product labeled as a pre-order fully guarantees a secured spot for product availability while it’s on the way to the distribution center. Should any delays occur we notify our customers as soon as information is available.


Ya’ll are fuckin’ nutjobs that sometimes cause our art to go into backorder. When this happens, this typically implies that there is at LEAST a month wait on the current product due to the sheer amount of insanity you guys put us through. Rockets can sometimes go up to 2 months. 🙂 🙂 🙂


In-Stock items are when we have the materials available to produce a specific product but it is not yet fully assembled. This can be caused by multiple scenarios, most often being that we offer custom designs for our products. As all of our artworks are handmade by intergalactic droids, they do take quite a hefty amount of time. Voltage Goat are full of artists and perfectionists who have weaknesses for Tacos. We want to get it right. 🙂


Rush orders are available on a per-basis time of year. This typically falls on major holidays towards the end of the Calendar year. If you have that special occasion that is somewhat out of the norm, please contact us and let us know, we can try our best to make it happen.


Custom orders are available for almost any product that we offer. Please contact us if you’d like to collaborate or work together on something N E A T. [queue Bender] [_o_]*


Voltage Goat is based in Delaware with warehouses in California, New York, and Washington (Seattle). A local pickup option is will be available within certain zip codes if eligible for the local pickup offer.